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Postcard from the Future

Did you receive a postcard from the future? Some houses in Toronto have received a postcard from "Tropical Toronto", the dystopian future city that we don't want to get to. [Read More

Contemplating Consumption (Oct 20, 2022)

Because it's officially Waste Reduction Week and the first-ever Circular Economy Month, we encourage you to be mindful of everything you throw out. One creative way to do this is to document it. Take a cue from our customer, Annette: as a professional in the waste management field, Annette has photographed waste from all over the world."I enjoy capturing photos of waste for a couple of reasons," says Annette, "it is always around us and in our lives, but it is also something that takes a lot of resources to manage and to get out of our lives...My hope is that these photos will help make people think about waste in a new way and be more aware of the impacts of waste in the environment." [Read More]

The Invisible Canadians🍁(Aug 20, 2022)

For the first time in decades, Canada is considering changing policies that could vastly improve the lives of migrant farmers. Migrant workers across the country are advocating for #StatusForAll. [Read More]

It's our 2nd ever Emancipation Day Weekend (Jul 28, 2022)

Last year, the House of Commons voted unanimously to officially designate August 1 as Emancipation Day, making this coming Monday the second official Emancipation Day in Canada's history. The history of enslaved people in Canada is often untold and unknown. [Read More]

Hello from Tropical Toronto! 🌴 (Jul 21, 2022)

Historically, it's rare for temperatures to go above 34°C in Toronto. This has already happened twice this year, and with most of the summer months still remaining, it is predicted that 2022 could be a record-setting year in this regard. [Read More]