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Undyed, Unbleached organic-certified cotton (GOTS) Waterless printing and GOTS-certified pigment Additional Points:

The number of very hot days in Toronto (where the daily temperature goes above 30°C) has rapidly increased, and over the next decade, Toronto will see the number of very hot days increase 3-fold from the historical average.

Artist Connie Lê uses bold colours and whimsical design to reimagine Toronto as a romantic tropical destination. Drawing on stylistic elements from Art Deco and The Memphis Movement, Lê incorporates “hidden gems” in this potential futuristic cityscape: what favourite Toronto landmarks do you see? Here, the CN Tower takes the form of a thermometer and the skyline depicts a line graph of increasing temperatures.

Each one of the 200 limited edition pieces is printed on 100% organic, undyed and unbleached cotton.

○ The incredibly soft, cream-coloured fabric is lightly speckled with cotton fibre.

○ This relaxed square-cut sits above the hips and has no definition at the waist or bust.

○ Short dolman sleeves create ease of movement.

○ The hem hits the bottom of the natural waist, perfect for showcasing high-waisted pants.

○ Small slits on either side create an elevated look.

○ This breezy silhouette makes this top the perfect choice for summer weather. It can be dressed up or down.


100% organic, unbleached and undyed cotton.

To read more about our supply chain & sustainability efforts, please see Our Business Model.


Due to the nature of unbleached and undyed organic cotton, we strongly recommend hand-washing in cold water and hanging in the shade to dry. Do not tumble dry.

Climate change is affecting us where we live and is affecting us now. Local artist Connie Lê turns up the heat on our beloved city scape and reimagines Toronto as a romantic tropical destination. The CN Tower doubles-up as a thermometer and the skyline represents ever increasing temperatures

The most vivid images of climate change include melting glaciers, mass deforestation and rising sea levels. However, real-life consequences of climate change include flooded basements, spread of disease, weakening civic infrastructure, food-shortages, human migration and greater cancer incidence – all realities for communities across Ontario.

How will our local communities be impacted by climate change?


Connie Lê is a Vietnamese-Canadian graphic artist based in Toronto. She recently graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design and a minor in Illustration. She loves blending design, illustration, photography and writing to tell a great story.  Through her work, Lê uses her own identity to explore the larger themes of the global diaspora, to depict both mundane and extraordinary human experiences.


Untold Unknown supports the Toronto Climate Action Network (TCAN), a network of 40+ local climate groups. Its mission is to foster collaboration among diverse, action-oriented organizations working in Toronto to prevent climate breakdown, strengthen climate resilience, and advance climate justice. Learn why this work is important:


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexandra Alder
Tropical Toronto

Love the design and the beautiful colours. The fabric is so soft. The fit is amazingly comfortable. Really love designer Connie's vision and message about climate change!

They thought of everything

I opened my envelope today. The envelope is made of recycled content and uses algae ink. The shirt is gorgeous. It fits me perfectly. There is info about the artist and the story behind the shirt printed on the shirt (inside). The artwork is beautiful - I found OCAD, the ROM and City Hall drawn in the imagery. I can’t wait to wear it out.

Casual Chic

I received my package yesterday. (I bought all 3 tops! 🤣) Today I put on Tropical Toronto. I really like the fabric that was used for this top. I look ghastly in white but this top has more of a cream colour because of the natural fabric so it looks great! The colours in the design are beautiful giving this top a very upscale look! A perfect top to dress up or down! This one is a keeper!

Jess D
I'm in love! The softest cotton and gorgeous wearable art with a message!

Today I opened my Tropical Toronto top from its beautiful package and I instantly swooned. You have to feel this t-shirt in real life!! To the touch it's incredibly soft and cool - you can feel the quality right away. To the eyes it's a feast for your imagination. I'm a huge fan of the Toronto skyline but in Tropical Toronto I love that Connie Lé brought to the forefront the most iconic buildings. It's not your typical Toronto skyline - it's imaginative and evocative of a hot tropical night that could sweep you off your feet with romance, but at the same time reminds your brain of the important issue of our warming climate and makes you question how it will change our city. I can't wait to show it off and spark many conversations.