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Undyed, Unbleached organic-certified cotton (GOTS) Waterless printing and GOTS-certified pigment Additional Points:

Ontario’s food systems are dependent on the labour of approximately 20,000 workers who are flown in every year from Mexico, the Caribbean and other countries in the Global South. These workers spend months sowing, seeding, picking and packaging our locally grown food; an incredible contribution that often goes unrecognized.

Artist Lily Huang has camouflaged migrant workers amongst seasonal Ontario produce. In this design, farmers are intentionally hidden to reflect their often invisible labour and contributions to our local food systems. This feminine and elaborate artwork is rich with intricate details and uses a colour palette that is inspired by the colours of the natural world.

Each one of the 200 limited edition pieces is printed on 100% organic, undyed and unbleached cotton.

○ The incredibly soft, cream-coloured fabric is lightly speckled with cotton fibre.

○ This relaxed square-cut sits above the hips and has no definition at the waist or bust.

○ Short dolman sleeves create ease of movement.

○ The hem hits the bottom of the natural waist, perfect for showcasing high-waisted pants.

○ Small slits on either side create an elevated look.

○ This breezy silhouette makes this top the perfect choice for summer weather. It can be dressed up or down.


100% organic, unbleached and undyed cotton.

To read more about our supply chain & sustainability efforts, please see Our Business Model.


Due to the nature of unbleached and undyed organic cotton, we strongly recommend hand-washing in cold water and hanging in the shade to dry. Do not tumble dry.

Across Toronto (and Ontario), we love our locally grown food. Much of this food is sown, seeded, picked and produced by tens of thousands of foreign workers flown in every year from Mexico and the Caribbean. For over 50 years, migrant labourers temporarily fly to Ontario every summer to contribute to our agricultural and economic growth.

In Toronto-based artist, Lily Huang’s “Labour of Love”, farmers are intentionally camouflaged among locally grown summer produce to represent the migrant farmers who are often hidden in our local supply chain.

What can we do to thank and support these unsung heroes?


Lily Huang (Hualilee) is a first-generation Chinese-Canadian visual artist and illustrator based in Toronto. Her visual style is influenced by dreams, mythology and history. She believes that visual art can be used as a form of communication to bridge the barriers of language and culture to bring people together.


Untold Unknown supports the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change (MWAC). MWAC is building a member-led organization of migrant farmworkers, care workers, students and more to win worker and immigration justice. Learn more about why this work is important:


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beautifully designed and made

This top is wonderful. I love the feel of the cotton, the quality of the print and the artwork itself. I appreciate how this company shines a light on important issues while also encourages us to be informed consumers.

Gail Ferguson

Beautiful shirt really lifted the spirit of our sister. Thank you for a great product and very caring customer service.

Patty McVitty
One of a Kind!!

I love the fact that every aspect of the Labour of Love business model has been thought through, ensuring that everything speaks to the founder’s passion for sustainability, heightened awareness and giving back. This to me is really one of a kind. Congratulations!

B Romain
Delivery of delight

I loved the size guide with such generous fits. Quick delivery. Beautiful, compostable packaging. The design of the top is so flattering and easy to style. The message of this tshirt is meaningful and close to home - an issue that has been on my mind. It will definitely spark conversations at my workplace. I know some of my coworkers will want to buy one too.

“TOP” Marks for this top and Brand 👍

This top is lovely! Not only is it made well and look great worn dressed up or down but it shares an important message. It is unlike so many products on the market these days because it hasn’t been mass produced. I feel like I’m wearing a piece of beautiful art! Thank you for you dedication and commitment! 😀